Sexy obsidian,  BAZ CONQUEST is involved in the illegal arms trade. His life is turned on its axis when the appetizingly beautiful MUSE appears.  Staving off his unquenchable thirst for her has him urgently trying to figure out if she is an A$$et or liability, friend or foe.  Both are harboring a collage of secrets and  different agendas. Both  are also being carefully monitored by the formidable ladies of The Boardroom, dubbed, New Age Amazon Women, (NAAW) by the media. One has a history with them that keeps them a step ahead of them and the other a history that keeps them a step behind. The same thing that brings these two lovers together, tears them apart, as equal parts lust, and distrust mounts in this steamy espionage thriller.

“What the New Age Amazon Women (NAAW) did is worse than rendition. Once they lock onto a target…..,” stay tuned. #assetsmovie